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    Here at Alex Aesthetic my number one goal is to help you reach the best version of you. I combine a passion for Aesthetic with a medical background so that you can relax and know you're in safe hands.

    Fuller lips are just the ticket for those of us who want to look our most beautiful self – they’re great for kissing with too!

    We are instantly attracted to people with a big healthy smile. Our lips can become thinner as we age, so if you are looking for that perfect pout, it might be time to give nature a bit of a helping hand.

    Our treatments will make you look your super-natural best once again!

    We can all have too much of a good thing, can’t we – including lines and wrinkles…

    Lines and wrinkles on our faces help to define our character and personality, as they express feelings and emotions, such as through laughter lines, wrinkles around our eyes, and creases on our forehead. But, unfortunately, they can also prematurely age one’s appearance, which is not a good thing.

    The good thing is that we can smooth out the lines and wrinkles in your skin – and you get to choose the one you’d like to keep!

    Some of us are blessed with high cheekbones and some of us are not…

    Well, the good news is that, with some expert contouring, we can give you the cheekbones you’ve always coveted – or give you back the cheekbones you might have lost.

    During our initial consultation, we’ll use CGI modelling software to visualise what your face might look like in 3D. We also use globally-recognised principles, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Golden Ratio, to deliver proportion and symmetry to your face. And before you know it, you will be back to your super-natural best!

    As we get older, we tend to lose the fat and bone in the face that provides us with the plumpness and definition we need for a bright and glowing appearance.

    Tissues gradually droop and our muscles begin to tighten, causing the onset of jowls, stubborn pockets of fat in the wrong areas and the slow slide of tissue down the neck.

    Well, don’t worry, because we can help to give you back a super-natural appearance!


    Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure to give you fuller, plumper lips.

    A dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid is injected into the lips. Hyaluronic acid is a natural protein which helps increase volume in the lips.

    Hyaluronic acid fillers can improve the appearance of your lips by adding shape, structure and volume. Once injected, the gel in the filler supports and shapes the tissues of the lips.

    By controlling the amount of filler injected and the precise location of the injection sites, we can control the amount of lip volume and the shape of the lips.


    Revolax (6-9 months)

    • 0.5ml Lip Filler (half) £110
    • 1ml Lip Filler (full) £190
    • 1.5ml Lip Filler £260
    • 2ml Lip Filler £320

    Restylane (6-9 months)

    • 0.5ml Lip Filler (half) £120
    • 1ml Lip Filler (full) £200
    • 1.5ml Lip Filler £280
    • 2ml Lip Filler £350

    Juvederm (6-12 months)

    • 0.5ml Lip Filler (half) £130
    • 1ml Lip Filler (full) £220
    • 1.5ml Lip Filler £320
    • 2ml Lip Filler £400

    Botulinum toxin is a natural, purified protein, produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. It is used to temporarily relax the muscles in the face responsible for causing lines and wrinkles.


    The toxin works by blocking the transition of chemical messages sent from the nerve to the muscle which would ordinarily cause the muscle to contract. While these messages are suppressed, the muscle remains relaxed and the facial expression lines appear reduced.


    Anti Wrinkle Injections can be used on the forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines (lines in the nose), chin (for dimpling), skin bands on the neck, and around the mouth (for smoker’s lines and down-turned corners of the mouth).


    • 1 Area (4-8 months)
    • 2 Areas (4-8 months)
    • 3 Areas (4-8 months)
    • Non-Surgical Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
    • Cheek Augmentation and Smile Lines
      1ml £199 2ml £359 3ml £459

    • Jaw and Chin Definition
      1ml £199 2ml £359 3ml £459 4ml £559

    • Tear Through (shadows under the eyes)
      1ml £199 2ml £359

    • Nose to Mouth Lines
      1ml £179 2ml £329

    • Mouth to Chin Lines (Marionette)
      1ml £179 2ml £329

    • Scar/Wrinkle Lines Filled Out
      £100 – £150

    • Hyaluronidase
      £150 per treatment


    • Skin Glow: Rejuvenation and Collagen Boost
      £120 per session
    • Skin Tighten / Fine Lines / Wrinkles
      £150 per session
    • Stretch Marks and Scarring
      £150 per session
    • Pigmentation
      £150 per session
    • Hair Regeneration
      £150 per session
    • Bunny Smile

    • Gummy Smile

    • Down-turn Mouth

    • Eyebrow Lift

    • Smokers Lines

    • Facial Slimming


    • Neck Lift

    • Hyperhidrosis (prevents sweating)
      £200 – £400
    Alex is a non medical prescriber. He will prescribe licenced and off label medications for clients within his professional competence He will not do this remotely and will require a face to face consultation with the client.

    He works with several pharmacies to get the best deals. This includes Fox Pharma, Church Pharmacy and Health Xchange.

    Alex covers Essex, London and Kent. Other areas are negotiable.


    • £250 per full day
    • £40 a prescription


    Recapture the beauty of self-confidence.
    Alex Goodrich

    Hello, my name is Alex. Im an Advanced Clinical Practitioner working in General Practice. I have a keen interest in Facial Aesthetics. First qualifying in 2017, I have recently launched my business and hope to make you all feel amazing about yourselves and enhance your natural beauty.


    I am a fully certified, licensed and insured Facial Aesthetics practitioner that gets immense fulfilment in restoring my clients confidence, whilst understanding each individual unique face. By using a combination of techniques, product and artistry I work with my client to give them long lasting results and make them feel and look their best.


    I am a fully qualified Prescriber able to prescribe a wide range of anti ageing medications from the British National Formulary and off label indications. Please check out my website and message me to book in or ask any questions

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